/// College and CarEer Bound Program

How does the program work?

The kids targeted to receive help are high school students (grades 9-12) on free or reduced price lunch programs.

These students do not have discretionary funds in their families, as most of their peers' do, to cover the many additional and increasing cost of high school. These students are then left out of so many opportunities that could broaden their horizons and play a huge factor in their future.

Due to large State and County budget cuts High School Counselors have scarce financial resources to help these students as they plan for their futures. When there is no other means of assistance, KIDS R FIRST helps to fill this void. These mini-scholarships are in the amounts of $50, $75, or up to $150. These funds can cover tutorial courses, college application fees, TOEFL test fees, advance placement courses fees, leadership training seminars and many more... totaling over 50 ways.

Mini Scholarships

The Director of Guidance and school counselors along with the Director of Finance in each of the participating schools disburse the funds to promising but needy students throughout the school year. A report from each high school is given to the College and Bound Chair of KIDS R FIRST at the end of each year.

To ensure privacy, a student's name is never revealed.

The College and Career Bound Program funding has a letter sent with the donor's name and the amount of the donation. Each school receiving these funds will be notified in this manner.