/// School Supplies

How does the program work?

The kids targeted to receive KIDS R FIRST supplies are on free or reduced price lunch programs

April: Order Forms (customized for supplies needed at each grade level) are sent to participating schools.

May: Order Forms returned by participating schools with requested supplies for upcoming fall term. This custom ordering leverages every dollar.

June/July: KIDS R FIRST makes whole sale priced purchases from local retailers to cover thousands of needy kids. (Business Partners and Suppliers)

August: First week all supplies are picked up and delivered with large capacity trucks (Wiygul Automotive Trucks) to our distribution warehouse (presently Langston Hughes Middle School in Reston, VA). Volunteers ( 2 football teams, Parkview ans South Lakes) unload these supplies.

August: Once supplies arrive community volunteers sort and label all requested supplies for distribution to participating schools.

Representatives from each school pick up its custom-ordered supplies for school counselors and parent liaisons to distribute to students before the fall term begins.

Corporate Sponsors

Office Depot-Reston, VA

Gives major discounts on school supplies. For every $1 dollar donated $4 dollars of school supplies purchased.


Gives major discounts on school supplies. For information on the Walmart and Sam's Club Foundation see www.walmartfoundation.org.


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